▷ Etiquette ◀ ◁
✦ To greet is respect
✦ To please and to thank is good behavior
✦ If you want to be treated friendly and
respectfully, you should act appropriate.


Join group is a must! If you have no groupspace left, please use your alt.
▪ Paste the goupkey in chat: secondlife:///app/group/3afa7617-c54e-fe6b-1037-fb77cadae518/about
▪ Ask Alyssalillian McMinnar or DelaRosa Glimmer to grant you message permissions.

You have to rezz the kiosk. Its a permanent information giver. Do not delete it after a event.
▪ All addicts receive their monthly info through this kiosks!
▪ This kiosks are more than only a event notifier. Its groupjoiner / subscriber, Infopackagegiver, vendor for the Gacha HUD and teleporter to our events.
▪ we will do random checks and will revoke your message rights, when the kiosk is not out!
▪ The starterpackage includes a guideline for correct setup and FAQs, so please read carefully.

For the case you give up your inworldstore and designing too, to have to announce this changes to DelaRosa Glimmer or me instantly. Otherwise you will be listed in the designers role, where we expect,
that your kiosk is rezzed!!

Posting Guidelines
▪ 3 x a week GACHA detailed notices (current Gachas and new Gacha releases)
▪ 3 x a day Chatpost incl. SLURL about your own Gacha or others
▪ 1 x a week NEW RELEASES (not limited on Gacha)
▪ Gifts send out in group (items not info) do not cut your posting limit
▪ NO Applications or advertising for other events > contact Alyssalillian McMinnar first

Advertising other gacha events
If you run a own gacha event with participating designers these are the rules for it:
▪ When you like to be a part of GACHA ADDICTION and use our services you have to understand that all participating designers have to join the GACHA ADDICTION group
▪ Designers should IM us to get messages permissions.
▪ Kiosks must be rezzed
▪ you as organizer have to secure that all your participating designers are
in group and have their boards rezzed
▪ The kiosk packages are transfer, keep a packed one in your inventory,
so you can pass it to all who need one or ask us for a new one.

Event Guidelines
Some facts for the beginning:
▶ There is a joinfee for each event you have to pay (1 Gacha inlcuded)
▶ 50 L$ for each further Gacha
▶ When you participate in our events you agree to follow the instructions given into detail to guarantee a smooth running event and the best possible promotion for yourself.
▶ Joinfee will not be refunded in case you leave the event or in case of less sale!

Gacha offers and sales.
Well to fit the customers taste is not an easy thing and right to run a shop too. Its not such as simple to make a bulk of products and this will secure your sales. It epends on seasons, Holidays,mood, what is currently popular, advertising techniques and not to forget quality and price.

You have to put you in the customer role and please be not enthusiastic because its your own product. Sure you created it, but now the part follows to make it a bestseller and this is important.
1. Decide what you will offer. A single product or a set?
2. A single product can come as color variation or different stuff if you like.
(furniture or deco parts are a good example)Make sure, that single parts of an whole outfit are wearable (i.e. not left shoe, right shoe, alpha, shoebase)
3. When you offer a clothing set split in single parts and the complete set as rare item - you will not succeed. As i said, put you in customer role (a single part of a clothing cannot be worn, bartered or resold in any yardsale)
▶ When you offer a clothing set in different colors and the rare item has more details or more parts or add-ons, that would be perfect!
4. Sales pictures are the next step for good sales. A picture not well designed and in bad quality can lower your sales enormously.

Gacha items must be no copy and transfer.
- Explanation: no copy, because transfer - logically
- if Gacha players get one double they have paid for it (so you have no loss)
- these items can be given as gift (so that's free advertising for your products)

Gacha prices must be lower then regular, but in a good relation to your regulary prices. You should not squander your products.

Gacha items must have top quality. (no freebiestuff, reseller or business in a box)

The gacha vendor must show a picture with all offers.


Posting Guide for ADDICTS

▪10 x a day Chatpost incl. SLURL about cool Gachas you found
(1 post per offer, means 10 different shop Gachas)
▪ chat is welcome
▪ no spamming and scamming please
▪ NO Applications and announcements for other events > contact Alyssalillian McMinnar or DelaRosa Glimmer first

Posting Guide for SPYS (title will be awarded)

▪ 2 x week GACHA detailed notices
▪ 6 x day Chatpost incl. SLURL about different cool Gachas you found
(1 post per offer, means 6 different shop Gachas)
▪ NO Applications and announcements for other events > contact Alyssalillian McMinnar or DelaRosa Glimmer first


Barter & Trading Rules

▪ you can ask for products, to make the contact here in chat
▪ you can let us know, that you have a bulk of products you want to trade.
▪ But DON't post lists what you like to offer in chat or SLURL links!
▪ No announcements for private yardsales in chat !!
▪ All further steps, when you have found a person who likes to barter or trade have to run in your private IM chat.



as more and more gacha addicts are looking for the opportunity to offer their doubled gacha items, we decided to setup some rentable booths.

They are integrated on our eventplace, so the chance to reach addicts who are looking for rare items and some they search for, is a high one.

▪ contact Alyssalillian McMinnar or DelaRosa Glimmer for details.