Alliance Event ToS

▷ Etiquette ◀ ◁
✦ To greet is respect
✦ To please and to thank is good behavior
✦ If you want to be treated friendly and respectfully, you should act appropriate.

If you run a own gacha event with participating designers and you want to become a Alliance Event, these are the rules for it:

▪ When you like to be a part of GACHA ADDICTION and use our services you have to understand that all participating designers have to join the GACHA ADDICTION group
▪ Kiosks must be rezzed
▪ you as organizer have to inform your desgners that we send out the group invitation, they should accept.

For the case that your particpating designers do not join group, we charge a compensation fee in the amount of L$ 1000 for each advertised event!!

You have to rezz the kiosk. Its a permanent information giver. Do not delete it after a event.
▪ All addicts receive their monthly info through this kiosks!
▪ This kiosks are more than only a event notifier. Its groupjoiner / subscriber, Infopackagegiver, vendor for the Gacha HUD and teleporter to our events.
▪ we will do random checks and will revoke your message rights, when the kiosk is not out!
▪ The starterpackage includes a guideline for correct setup and FAQs, so please read carefully.

Posting Guidelines for Alliance Events
▪ 2 x a week - the current event (always start your advertising with: ALLIANCE EVENT)
▪ Gifts send out in group (items not info) do not cut your posting limit
▪ 1 x a week  Applications for the upcoming event (always start your advertising with: ALLIANCE EVENT)


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